Sunday, November 13, 2005

sunny Saturday

I would like to ease back into blogging while balancing my real life (now that I'm starting to have one). It's Saturday afternoon, and the Boy Child is behind me, coloring. I'm still in sweats, and soon I'll get showered and dressed and we'll venture out into the sunshine, for purposes I have not yet determined.

I have the Boy Child this weekend because X2B left this morning to go help friends of ours move. They've finally bought their first house - they spent many years moving around the mid-Atlantic area - and I'm so happy for them. But I'm really utterly useless when it comes to moving. Tomorrow the Boy Child and I will head down to visit my parents for the day. They've been engrossed in one of their many hobbies with one of their many sets of friends this weekend but they can squeeze us in tomorrow.

I had a huge issue at work this week which I managed to get through by Thursday night. When I spoke with one of my bosses yesterday afternoon (brownie points for being in after 5 on a Friday, I hope?) he said he never knew how political this job would be when he accepted it. Yeah, welcome to my world, baby. I'm glad I'm not going in this weekend, but there's still a lot to do, both there and here.

With having the Boy Child over the weekend and the work issues I had to clear beforehand, there was no time for a social life this week. Geneticist had things to do both Thursday and Friday nights. Roommate Guy has been emailing me, apologizing for any discomfort his surprise phone call Tuesday night caused me, and asking questions clearly geared to trying to get to know me. It would almost be sweet and endearing except that he has me on my guard. I know I mentioned in my last post about his breakup with his long-term live-in girlfriend. I didn't mention about how he's having a "nice Italian gentleman" overtly tail the man he caught his girlfriend in bed with 24/7 since that time (two or three months ago?). Yeah, Roommate Guy comes with red flags taped to his forehead.

GQ Guy has hardly contacted me since his girlfriend/lover/fuckbuddy returned from vacation on Monday (I have yet to figure out the dynamics of that relationship). Not a problem while I'm unavailable anyway, but between him and the craigslist guy I haven't met with yet (I need a name for him) being busy with work and life this week, my emailbox has been quiet. That's with the exception of my loyal blog readers who have been emailing me almost daily, asking how things are going.

I did have what some people advised me was a cockamamie idea this week - I was considering posing for a local artist. Nude. One of my more realistic friends pointed out that things are already tense with X2B and I certainly don't want to do anything that could be misconstrued in any way. Being more of an idealist, and thinking that inspiring art would be a noble endeavor, I wasn't looking at the concept with the eyes of a realist. So that idea went out the window pretty quickly.

In two weeks I will be in the sunny southwest, visiting A. Lounging by the pool, hours and hours of girl talk, and going through my new wardrobe ... with her upcoming wedding and move into B's house, A is cleaning out her closet. She has great taste in clothes, and we're pretty close to the same size. In fact, all growing up I would borrow her clothes, and she'd advise me on what to buy. No one does "sexy professional," "sexy classy" or "sexy casual" like A and her big tits.

I also treated myself to my first pair of new shoes in about four months at my favorite shoe-shopping website, Electrique Boutique. They should be delivered on Tuesday. Spring means short skirts and high heeled strappy sandals, and I'm glad it's almost here.

That's about all the news that's fit to print - and then some - right now. Maybe I'll blog one more time this weekend about the deeper topic that's still on my mind - but now it's already getting late and I want to get out in the sun while it still shines. I'm happy with how balanced my life feels right now, and with all the hope that spring brings. For the time being, assume that no news from me is good news.